National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. (NFPA)

The CMPA is a charter member of NFPA, an organization comprised of state and local paralegal associations.

NFPA represents over 18,000 paralegals across the country and keeps the CMPA informed about issues and legislation affecting the paralegal profession nationally. NFPA presents a unified, national voice for the paralegal profession by promoting the effective utilization and the continued expansion of the role of the paralegal in the delivery of quality legal services. Each member of CMPA is a member of NFPA and has a voice in the direction the profession may take.

NFPA provides CMPA members with:

  • Quarterly newsletter, the National Paralegal Reporter.
  • National salary/responsibility surveys/results.
  • Numerous publications and directories.
  • Updates regarding the activities of bar associations and legislative bodies.
  • Written and oral testimony as needed.
  • Regional and national conferences for discussing issues.
  • See a complete list of professional and personal benefits at the NFPA website.

In addition, the NFPA website contains a wealth of information relative to the paralegal profession. In addition to the public pages of the NFPA site, CMPA members are entitled to access to NFPAs members page which has a secure password. Please contact the Board if you would like the password. (

Visit the NFPA Website